Brand Ambassadors

Become a Brand Ambassador

Work when you want and how you want, around children, another job, you are your own boss.

You will earn 25% of all sales, with chances to earn more.

No experience is necessary, you will have continued support, I will show you many ways to sell the products, If you are very outgoing then you may love doing 'At home parties' you might work in a big corporation and sell to your work colleagues, a new mum at toddler groups or you if you have a good following on Instagram/Facebook thats a fabulous way to sell.

Start up product pack required.

Luxury products

You will sell luxury home fragrances that sell themsleves, exquisite scents and expensive packaging. All at affordable prices.
All hand poured in Derbyshire in small batches with limited editions added at intervals.

You will also have an input into ongoing research and product development, testing new products.

You are required to purchase a display kit, this will give you what you need to start selling,
Cost- £120 with a retail value of £300 (14 day cooling off period after purchase) **Terms and Conditions apply**

No targets, just rewards

There is no pressure to sell,  you work around your lifestyle, the more you put in the more you get out,
This is your small business without the start up stress,

You will have incentives, rewards for you, you will be able to purchase products to sell that will make you  more than 25%
All you need is self motivation and a want to be successful.

Get in touch and start earning............................
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