Candle Care

Getting the best from your candle

Soya is a natural material and will have some flaws, frosting and small dips on the surface are to be expected.
Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. placing in drafts or on window sills will affect the quality of the candle.

The first burn

Allow the candle to burn until the melt pool reaches the sides of the container, this will take between one and four hours depending on its size,

Soya has a memory, so burn correctly to avoid tunnelling.

Subsequent burns, never longer than four hours.

It is normal for some wax to stay attached to the sides of the container at some point during burns, just burn for a little longer next time if needed.

Above are pictures of how our candles burn when done correctly.

In the unlikely event the wick becomes detached from the base of the glass/tin extinguish and discard the candle as it can cause the glass to crack if it becomes too close to the edge.


Keep the wick trimmed, this will help avoid sooting, our candles have the maximum scent load in them and certain scents can soot a little.

Extinguish before replacing the metal lids.

The glass 0r tin will get very hot, place on a surface suitable and do not handle whilst lit.

All the reclaimed bottles will have some wax left in the bottom due to the 'punt' the large indent in the base of the bottle, we cannot do anything about this.
If you have a wax melter for 'melts' you can use the wax in the bottom of the bottle,
Warm some water in a pan, enough to reach a quarter of the way up the bottle, place the candle into the pan and re-melt the left over wax, DO NOT let the wax boil, pour into muffin case or any heat proof object, allow to reset, you can now use this in your melter.
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